-added a port for Nokia 770 thanks to Uwe Koch. This port is also hosted here.
-added a link to the Linspire CNR version


-added a port for Amiga OS 4 thanks to Tony Aksnes. This port is also hosted here.

2004-07-15 - 1.1.0 released

New features:

-another mode of play with gravity is now in the game (thanks for the idea Iris). When blocks are removed from the screen, those above them will fall in its place.
-removing multiple sets of the same color in a row will reward you with bonus points (thanks for the idea Michael).
-you will receive bonus points if you play a level without making any wrong moves.
-the harder skill levels have been made more challenging - the Insane skill mode from v1.03 is now the Hard skill. Blocks will randomize several times in a level on Very Hard & both mouse buttons are required to remove blocks on Insane (thanks for the idea Michael). Half of them require using the right mouse button & the other half require the left.
-the game screen has been redesigned to fit 800x600 instead of 640x480. In addition to a cleaner game screen, it was mainly done to prepare for network play in a future release (for two game grids side by side).
-a new block set (brushed metal) has been added & made the default.
-a better way to highlight the blocks has been added.
-a fading effect for menu/screen changes was added.
-bmp graphics are available for those who don't have the libpng library.

Bugs fixed:

-some games on Insane would still have a block left on the screen at the end of the level (thanks Kim).
-in Windows full-screen mode, the mouse wouldn't move when applying the bonus or ending a game (thanks Gabriel).
-starting a level after the first one could cause a delay in highlighting a block (thanks Cluney).
-pressing Alt-F4 in Windows wouldn't close the game.
-if a block was highlighted when the game was over, it would (internally) have that block highlighted in the next game.


-updated links and indicated that the game will run on MAC OS X (I can't support it myself; an online friend confirmed it can run). This game is still being worked on... a new version should be available within a couple months


-added HappyPenguin Rate-O-Matic to the site as well as minor adjustments so that the site is a bit easier to read in 800x600.


-redesigned this web site to provide more information about the game

2004-01-08 - 1.03 released

-changed the way blocks are put back on the screen when you make a wrong move in the Insane mode (now randomized instead of the last two blocks). File permissions were modified in the Makefile for Linux. All of the text files for the source code release were changed from the CRLF pairs to just an LF (thanks Kevin!)

2004-01-04 - 1.02 released (source code only)

-discovered that when SDL_mixer isn't installed & you build the game with 'make noaudio'; it won't compile at all. Added the necessary checks to prevent this from happening (thanks Lydia!)

2004-01-01 - 1.01 released

-fixed two bugs where it wouldn't change the block set after reading the saved options & not changing the block set at all after installing the game under Linux (thanks for the info. BluEyes!)

2003-12-31 - My game is released!